Nichia To Release Laser Diodes For Head - Up Displays

Nichia to Release Laser Diodes for Head-up DisplaysNichia Corp announced that it will commercialize blue (B) and green (G) semiconductor laser diodes for automotive head-up displays (HUDs).
Though a variety of semiconductor laser diodes have already been commercialized, they will be the first blue and green products for automotive applications, Nichia said. The company plans to start to ship samples in October 2014 and begin volume production in October 2015.

According to Nichia, by employing red, green and blue semiconductor laser diodes for HUDs, it becomes possible to improve brightness, color reproducibility, contrast ratio, angle of view and power efficiency, compared with a case in which LEDs are used.

To commercialize the automotive semiconductor laser diodes, Nichia employed a 5.6-diameter CAN package to improve reliability. Also, it improved the luminous efficiency of a semiconductor chip (wall-plug efficiency: WPE), compared with existing general-use semiconductor laser diodes. The WPE was improved from 17% to 26% for blue light emission and from 5% to 8% for green light emission.