Nikon Coolpix P700 Compact Camera To Come With 1 - Inch Aptina - Made Sensor

Nikon Coolpix P700 Compact Camera to Come with 1-Inch Aptina-Made SensorWord on the street has it that Nikon is gearing up to announce the Coolpix P8000, but that’s not all. The Coolpix P700 is apparently also on its way.

The upcoming camera is not to be confused with the Coolpix P7000 camera that was launched back in 2010.

Nikon Rumors is providing us with more information in terms of specification. This new compact ultra-zoom camera is expected to arrive with 1” Aptina made sensor. Furthermore, the device is said to use a 24-2000mm F/3.5-8.5 lens, a full frame equivalent. Despite having a body made from magnesium, the camera will supposedly be very heavy, weighing around 1.3kg / 2.8 lbs.

P700 will come equipped with a 3.5-inch LCD screen for checking out the images you snapped. Besides the 1-inch Aptina made sensor, the camera will also have an Expeed 4 image sensor.

The P700 is probably an update to the current P600 and Nikon will probably roll it out into the wild somewhere in May.