Nikon Designs Digital Camera For Small Children

Nikon Designs Digital Camera for Small ChildrenNikon Imaging Japan Inc announced a water-resistant compact digital camera that can be easily operated even by small children.

The camera, "Coolpix S30," will be released March 29, 2012, in Japan. There is no manufacturer's suggested retail price, but its retail price is expected to be ¥13,000 (approx US$156).

The external appearance of the S30 was designed so that children can hold it with both hands. It has a symmetrical design. A lens and a flash unit are positioned in the center of the camera's rounded case.

Moreover, it features a water resistance of up to 3m, dust resistance and impact resistance so that it can be dropped from a height of 80cm. Therefore, the camera can probably be used by all family members in a leisure trip.

As for the operation of the camera, it has three large buttons for "power," "shutter" and "recording" on the upper side of the camera. This time, Nikon Imaging Japan did not use technical expressions such as "change color," "decorate picture" and "select scene" for the interface displayed on the LCD screen. And two voice memos can be recorded for each picture, enabling to keep a "photo diary" and share it with friends.

The S30 is equipped with a 1/3-inch CCD image sensor with a pixel count of 10.1 million and an optical 3x zoom lens with a focal distance of 29.1-87.3mm (35mm equivalent). It measures 101.9 x 64.8 x 39.4mm and weighs about 214g.

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Nikon Designs Digital Camera for Small Children