Nintendo 3ds Leads Sales Chart, Ahead Of The Wii U Once Again In Japan

Nintendo 3DS Leads Sales Chart, Ahead of the Wii U Once Again in JapanNintendo might not impress in terms of sales in Europe or in North America, but the company is still dominating its home market, and the Japan video game sales chart shows that the 3DS handheld is once again the leader, managing to move 24,064 units to fans during the week that ended on June 22.

Second place belongs to the Wii U home console, which has dropped a few thousand units to reach 14,616, and the last position on the podium belongs to the PlayStation 4, which has managed to move 13,850 devices to gamers, according to the data from Media Create quoted by NeoGAF.

The Vita is also picking up sales and sits at 12,288, while the old PS3 has also managed to generate sales of 2,819 units.

When it comes to video game sales, Rhythm Heaven: The Best+ from Nintendo and developed for the 3DS is in first place, managing to move 66,416 copies to its fans.

Second place is occupied by another handheld title, Return to PoPoLoCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale from Marvelous, which sold 46,491 units in its first week.