Nintendo Entertainment System Turns 30 ! Happy Birthday !

Nintendo Entertainment System turns 30 ! Happy Birthday !The Nintendo Entertainment System or NES is one of the most famous video game consoles ever made, and it has just turned 30. Why are we celebrating NES 30 years later? The answer is simple: because it's still relevant.

Nintendo Entertainment System has the good fortune of arriving right at the end of the North American video game crash that lasted from 1983 to 1985 when the market was reeling from shock. NES was built by Nintendo, and it was released initially in Japan. It was also known under the name of Famicom, and it landed in Japan on July 15, 1983, but the launch date for the United States is the one that counts because this is where it shined.

The date of October 18, 1985, marks the release of Nintendo Entertainment System in the United States. It's still mentioned today, and the design and ideas that went into the console has shaped the industry since then. The last NES was manufactured in 1995, which means that it managed to keep going for 10 straight years. According to the numbers listed on Wikipedia, almost 62 million NES consoles have been sold worldwide.

You can still buy a new one today

The fact that in 2015 you'll still find a Nintendo Entertainment System available for sale, as new, is a testament to the quality. For example, on Amazon, an NES will set you back $273. By comparison, you will soon be able to get a PlayStation 4 console for $350.

The best-selling game for NES was Super Mario Bros, with 40 million units sold, a number that will be difficult to match today. So anyone who still has a dusty NES at home, make sure that you turn it on at least once this week to celebrate the 30th birthday of this amazing video game console.