Nintendo Miiverse Camp Challenges Offer Exciting Fun

Nintendo Miiverse Camp Challenges Offer Exciting FunStarting today for the next few weeks, we'll be hosting gaming events that will span across Miiverse! Anyone can join as long as you have the games we'll be playing.

How it works:
CHECK OUT our post where we'll announce each day’s activity. We’ll post it right here in Camp Miiverse.
PLAY the game! Try to beat our challenge!
POST your screenshot proving you beat our challenge in THAT GAME’S COMMUNITY. Over there! Not here!
RESULTS will be posted the next day.
Events will generally be held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For Mondays and Wednesdays you'll have all day to play, and events held on Fridays will run all weekend long.

Stay tuned for my next post that will announce today's challenge!