Nintendo Releases Fire Emblem: Heroes For Android And Ios, Servers Struggle

Nintendo Releases Fire Emblem: Heroes for Android and iOS, Servers StruggleAs expected, Nintendo has just launched Fire Emblem: Heroes on both the Android and iOS platform. This would be the first game the Japanese company plans to launch this year, soon to be followed by Super Mario Run for Android and Animal Crossing later on.

Unlike Super Mario Run for iOS, Fire Emblem: Heroes is available for free on both platforms, so anyone can try it out without paying a dime. However, if you think you can get addicted by Nintendor's RPG titles, then you should think twice before downloading it.

Fire Emblem: Heroes comes with a “devious” stamina system that will only allow you to play a limited time. Basically, when you run out of stamina, you won't be able to play anymore unless you pay for special orbs, the in-game currency, or wait a certain amount of time.

Even Nintendo mentions that “it is possible to play the game for free, but some features require the use of Orbs, which can be purchased with real money.” It's also worth noting that you can earn these orb for free by completing various tasks every day.

On top of that, you will be needing constant internet connection in order to play Fire Emblem: Heroes, so data charges may apply if you don't use Wi-Fi while playing it.

If you've never heard about Nintendo's Fire Emblem franchise, then here is a couple of things about Heroes that might tempt you into downloading the game.

First of all, the game has been especially design to run in portrait mode, so don't try to play in landscape mode, as it won't work. Game-wise, Fire Emblem: Heroes is a strategy RPG that allows players to summon characters from the Fire Emblem universe to fight a never-ending challenge for saving the Kingdom of Askt.

Battles are turn-based and streamlined for touch controls. In order to complete a stage, your armies must defeat all enemies on the map. Your heroes can been leveled up and upgraded with better weapons and abilities as they gain experience. You can expand your roster by unlocking more heroes using orbs.

Fire Emblem: Heroes includes a couple of modes aside from the campaign story, such as Training Tower, Arena Duel and Hero Battles.

Nintendo's game has already been released in the Google Play and App Store, but you might experience connection issues, as servers struggle to keep up at launch.