Nintendo Switch In Japan Offers More Customization Options

Nintendo Switch In Japan Offers More Customization OptionsDespite selling the same console around the world, it seems that Nintendo has decided to offer its Japanese customers more customization options. In the US where the Switch will go on sale on the 3rd of March, gamers get to choose between the all-gray version or the blue and red version where the left controller will be blue while the right controller is red.

However over in Japan, customers have more choices where they have can swap them around, where they can choose between the two choices mentioned above, as well as a third option where the left JoyCon can be red while the right JoyCon can be blue. They can even go with a single color option where both controllers are blue or where both controllers are red.
We should note that Nintendo will be selling additional JoyCon controllers separately, so gamers can sort of customize this for themselves too albeit at a price, but if you were planning on buying additional controllers anyway then we guess this isn’t really that big of a deal. However if you weren’t, then it is a bit disappointing that customization options aren’t quite as varied in the US compared to Japan.
We guess the fact that the console is region-free should help make up for it since now you’ll be able to access Japanese Switch store and purchase titles meant for Japan.