Nintendo Switch Might Be The Best - Selling Console Ever In The Us

Nintendo Switch Might Be The Best-Selling Console Ever In The US

Many can probably agree that the Nintendo Switch is seeing the success that its predecessor, the Wii U, never did. The console is regarded as the fastest-selling console ever in the US, managed to outsell both the PS4 and Xbox One in some months, and to top it off, even beat its predecessor's lifetime sales within its first year.

Now according to data released by the NPD Group, it appears that the Nintendo Switch could very well be considered the best-selling console ever in the US. However we should point out a caveat to this claim and that is the NPD is basing this on first year sales alone. We're not talking about total sales, but rather this is based on what each console managed to sell within its first year of release.

According to the NPD, the Switch has reached the “highest installed base for a console platform in history." To give you guys some context, based on Nintendo’s own data from back in December 2017, the Switch has sold about 15 million units which means that by now that number has probably increased somewhat.

Bringing it back down to reality, February 2018 was Sony’s month as the console managed to be the best-selling console for the month and so far appears to be the best-selling console for the year. That being said, Nintendo does have several games up their sleeves that will no doubt drive sales even further, such as Super Smash Bros. and the upcoming Pokemon RPG.

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