Nintendo To Drop Wii U Deluxe Price To $299 Starting Sept. 20

Nintendo to drop Wii U deluxe price to $299 starting Sept. 20Nintendo has recently announced a $50 price cut for the 32 GB Wii U deluxe set. Beginning Sept. 20, the deluxe version of Nintendo’s tablet-and-console system will be available for $299.

The Wii U price cut will compliment the limited edition Zelda: The Wind Waker HD bundles, which will also in turn be $299 and come with a customized gamepad along with a digital version of the iconic fan-favorite release.
Along with the price reduction, Nintendo is also introducing a new entry-level handheld system that does everything the 3DS does except it’s in 2-D. The Nintendo 2DS has been confirmed to play all 3DS and DS games in 2-D, and will is slated to release in October for a price point of $129.