Nintendo Wii U Gamepad Handle Stand Makes Your Controller Into A Steering Wheel

Nintendo Wii U GamePad Handle Stand Makes Your Controller Into a Steering WheelWhen Mario Kart Wii introduced the concept of motion-controlled steering to everyday households, people were expecting to see a Delorean parked outside their window.

The upcoming racing car game Mario Kart 8 allows its fans to engage in exactly the same kind of motion control, this time using the much bulkier Nintendo Wii U GamePad.

Of course, an accessory that would consist of a rig into which to slap the Wii Remote or GamePad is the natural addition to the neat concept of pretend-driving, and one company decided it was their task to provide one, just in time for players to get their kart-driving on.

The Handle Stand for Wii U is currently available for pre-order on Play-Asia, and it allows the attachment of a Wii U GamePad onto a pivoting base, which seems like it provided great stability.

The contraption also comes with a detachable Wii Remote steering wheel option, for those who prefer a more classic grip or are intimidated by the mighty GamePad now resembling a proper Formula 1 steering wheel.