Nintendo : Wii U Games See Spike In Pre - Orders During Gamescom

Wii U Games See Spike In Pre-Orders During GamescomWhile Nintendo might have been pretty popular back in the day, safe to say that when it comes to consoles, they have started to lose ground to the likes of Sony and Microsoft with their PlayStation and Xbox consoles. However according to a report from MCV, it seems that Amazon UK has noted a spike in Wii U game pre-orders during this year’s Gamescom conference.

Given that Gamescom is all about video games, it hardly seems like a coincidence that gamers might have been inspired at what they saw during the event that might have prompted them to start looking at more Wii U games. Now we should note that these are pre-orders for Wii U games, as opposed to the actual Wii U console itself, so we’re not sure how much this has affected Nintendo.
That being said, it seems that Wii U game pre-orders rose the most during the event by 8.67%. This is compared to Sony PlayStation 4 games and Microsoft Xbox One games which saw an increase of 5.16% and 2.81% respectively. The biggest pre-order spike recorded as from Slightly Mad Studios’ Project Cars which rose by 42.53%.
This was followed by Crystal Dynamics’ Rise of the Tomb Raider which saw an increase of 30.25% which unfortunately remains an Xbox One exclusive for now.