Nintendo Wii Useful In Treating Parkinson’s Disease

Nintendo Wii useful in treating Parkinson’s diseaseResearchers developing therapies for people with Parkinson’s disease have found that patients practicing their balance on the Wii Balance Board will reduce their risks of falling.

According to the study, patients who utilized the Wii equipment in conjunction with other treadmill and cycling exercises increased their Tinetti Score 18 from about 22.3 to 26.6.

“The ability of the Wii Balance Board to stimulate the central nervous system makes it potentially useful in the rehabilitation of balance problems in patients with Parkinson’s disease,” said Antonella Peppe, PhD, and research professor at Fondazione Santa Lucia in Rome. “Our results allow us to confirm that the Wii is an excellent tool that can compete with other devices in the rehabilitation of Parkinson’s disease.”