Nintendo's Snes Classic Will Come With A Rewind Feature

Nintendo's SNES Classic Will Come With A Rewind Feature

Are games these days easier than games back in the day? We suppose it depends on the gamer, but if there's one thing that many can agree on is that games back in the day were considerably less forgiving, and that not many games came with tutorials that walked gamers through the features and functions, meaning that picking up a new game could be tricky.

Nintendo seems to understand this loud and clear because one of the features that is part of the SNES Classic is a "rewind" feature. As the name suggests, this rewind feature will let players turn back the clock when they screw up. So if you hate the idea of starting all over again, you can rewind back to the previous moment and try again, whether it be a tricky level, boss fight, or missed out on picking up on an item.

The amount of time that players can rewind will vary from game to game, where faster-paced titles will only allow players to rewind a few seconds, while slower games might allow users to rewind a few minutes. This is applicable to all games on the SNES Classic (and Super Famicom) so gamers will be able to utilize it regardless of what game they play.

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