Nintendo's Trade - In Video Fuels Speculation Of New Switch Console

Nintendo's Trade-In Video Fuels Speculation Of New Switch Console

The Nintendo Switch was released last year, but we have been hearing rumors that a new version of the console might be launched in 2019. How true those rumors are remains to be seen, but it appears that Nintendo isn’t really doing much to quell the flames because the company has recently posted a video on how to trade-in your Nintendo Switch.

Basically this tutorial video tells you how to prepare your console for a trade-in, where presumably you are planning to get a new Switch and what you will need to do if you want to maintain your game saves and transfer previous data over to the new console. We suppose this video would not have received the attention it did had it not been for the rumors of a new Switch console.

We imagine that this video could come in handy if and when a new Switch model is released as gamers might want to trade-in their older Switch for the newer model, but don’t want to lose their saves and information. Companies such as Microsoft and Sony do refresh consoles from time to time with new designs, more storage, or in the case of the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, straight up hardware upgrades.

So for Nintendo to follow suit might not necessarily be a stretch of the imagination, although the company hasn’t exactly been known to launch refreshes of existing consoles, so this could be a first.

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