Nissan Leaf Battery Used To Power Homes

Nissan LEAF Battery Used to Power HomesNichicon is planning to begin sales of the Vehicle to Home System "EV Power Station" in July. This system enables the user to draw power from a large-capacity battery in an electric vehicle and use it in the home after being passed through a distribution board.

Developed based on the Nissan LEAF to Home power system that supplies power to the home from an electric vehicle, the EV Power Station enables the user to use the large-capacity battery of the LEAF electric vehicle for power.

"There have been typical chargers and quick chargers, but they are limited to only charging. Having both charging and discharging functions, the EV Power Station is also the world's first device capable of supplying household power. In the summer we look for ways to balance power supply and demand by cutting power consumption at peak times. Power consumption can be eased by having the battery discharge in the early afternoon. At night, this device can charge the vehicle battery."

The device dimensions are 65cm (W) x 35cm (L) x 78.1cm (H), or about the size of an outdoor air conditioning unit. So, it can definitely be accommodated in a typical home. It is also possible to install multiple units on a single supply line, making it easy to use in a location where multiple LEAF vehicles are operated.

"This battery charger with advanced functionality can charge at twice the speed of conventional chargers. With the LEAF, to achieve an 80% charge with typical charging is said to require 8 hours. But with this charger it takes only about 4 hours. In addition, by returning power from the LEAF battery to the household, the power in the LEAF battery is enough to supply approximately two days' worth of power needs for a typical household."

Nichicon will begin taking orders for EV Power Station through Nissan dealers nationwide beginning in mid-June. The domestic price is approximately 480,000 yen, or $6,000. With a subsidy from the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Infrastructure, the effective cost including installation is expected to be about 330,000 yen including tax, or $4,100.


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