No Sega Titles For The Wii U Virtual Console For Now

No SEGA Titles For The Wii U Virtual Console For NowBack in the day, SEGA used to be a pretty big name in gaming in terms of the creation of both software and hardware. However fast forward a decade or so later, SEGA’s business is now primarily software. The company has developed titles for a variety of platforms, including the NIntendo 3DS, and have also brought some of their older and more classic titles onto the console.

These titles include some game Gear titles and some classics. However when asked by a fan if SEGA had similar plans to bring classic titles onto the Wii U’s Virtual Console, it looks like the answer is no. This was confirmed by SEGA’s Yosuke Okunari who responded to a question posed by a fan.
The fan asked if there are any plans for SEGA to bring games onto the Wii U via the Wii U eShop like they did with their support of the Wii Virtual Console, but according to Okunari, he stated that there are no plans at the moment. He then suggested that perhaps the fan could pose their question to SEGA of America, although we’re not sure if we can expect a positive response from their either.