Official Twitter Apps For Android Tv, Xbox, And Roku Discontinued

Official Twitter Apps For Android TV, Xbox, And Roku Discontinued

Twitter has tried to put an app on almost all platforms in recent years but the company has recently been consolidating its official app lineup to support only those platforms where it sees a lot of engagement from these apps. As such, the company has decided to discontinue the official apps for Android TV, Xbox, and Roku.

Twitter released its Android TV app in late 2016. The app enabled users to watch live streams on the microblogging network, something that it has been investing heavily in over the past few years. It made sense to the put the app on Android TV, a platform that powers many smart TVs and streaming devices. The apps for Xbox and Roku offered similar functionality but it seems they didn’t really take off as well as Twitter might have imagined.

Twitter has also been making other app-related changes such as removing some third-party API features which will result in reduced functionality on third-party Twitter clients. It has also replaced its Windows 10 app with the Twitter Lite web app and even discontinued its Mac app back in February this year.

The cleanup continues with Twitter announcing that its official apps for Andriod TV, Xbox, and Roku will no longer be available. Users who want the full Twitter experience have now been told to visit on their device or desktop.

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