Olympus Professional Flash With Gn50

Olympus Professional flash with GN50Forget dealing with cumbersome cables when wanting to get perfect lighting for your photographic subjects. Thanks to the new Olympus remote control (RC) wireless flash units FL-50R and FL-36R, cordless lighting set-ups are a convenient reality. Both are ideal for use with the Olympus E-3 professional D-SLR which enables the control of up to three different flash groups directly from the camera - no separate commander unit is required. Photographers benefit from extreme flash unit versatility and never again need to be hindered in the studio on in the field by troublesome wires.


Wireless remote control in three groups (A, B, C)
Choice of four channels to avoid intereference
Control settings directly from the camera LCD
Super FP Mode up to 1/8000s
Bounce and swivel head
Option of TTL Auto, Auto and Manual modes

Compact design and lightweight
Expendable transmission distance
Energy-saving circuity
Flash intensity setting in 1/8 steps
Usual synchronisation speed is 1/180 sec