Olympus Voice - Trek V - 65

Olympus Voice-TrekV-65 voice recorderOlympus introduced today in Japan a new-entry level Voice recorder which gives the most versatile usage as possible.

Olympus Voice-Trek V-65 has a storage capacity of 2GB , can also be used as a MP3 player , is WMA capable , and offers you a recording time of 529h or a storage of up to 1000 MP3 files.


The USB port can easily slide lever on the side and out and connects to any USB-capable PC .

Olympus Voice-Trek V-65 comes in four colors : Silver , light blue , lime green and red.

Features such as scene selection offers superior record quality in various situations .

The Silicone Case protects the surface of the unit from scrathes .

Olympus Voice-Trek V-65 estimated price is 7,980 yens but this can vary from dealer to dealer.