Omron Projects Image In Air By Using Transparent Sheet

Omron Projects Image in Air by Using Transparent SheetOmron Corp developed the "Transparent Plate-type Space Projection Technology," which projects a three-dimensional (3D) still image in space by emitting light from a transparent plate or sheet.

It can be used for 3D display, VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), support for gesture-based input, etc. It uses an LED lamp as a light source.

Omron deals with backlight units consisting of LED lamps and light guide plates for LCD displays. This time, the company applied technologies for designing light directivity and micro-fabrication that were developed for its LCD backlights, etc to the new projection technology.

The light-emitting plate or sheet is transparent, almost invisible, thin and light-weight. It can be attached to glass, etc and installed in various locations.

Omron considers that the new technology will be used for (1) signboards, (2) guide signs in public facilities such as train stations, (3) projection of images (information) around goods in shop windows and (4) visualization of sensitive areas in space for gesture-controlled devices and noncontact switches.

Omron plans to exhibit the Transparent Plate-type Space Projection Technology at Ceatec Japan 2014, which will take place from Oct 7 to 11, 2014, in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.