Orix Launch Of Japan’s First Energy Service For Households Using Storage Battery Rental

Orix Launch of Japan’s First Energy Service for Households Using Storage Battery RentalORIX Corporation (hereinafter, "ORIX"), NEC Corporation (hereinafter, "NEC"), and EPCO Incorporated (hereinafter, "EPCO") today announced that joint venture ONE ENERGY CORPORATION (hereinafter, "ONE ENERGY") will launch an energy service for households combining storage battery rental and a smart house app. Pre-orders will be accepted from April 26, 2013 for this service in the service area of Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated (Note 1). ONE ENERGY will push ahead with provision of this service and begin progressively installing batteries from June 1, 2013.

This is Japan's first service (Note 2) for the provision of a system via a rental agreement. It will use cloud data links to connect NEC-made fixed storage batteries (capacity: 5.53 kWh) for ordinary households with "pipipa" a smart house app developed by EPCO. The system can be provided irrespective of whether a detached house is new or old, has a home energy management system (HEMS), or has solar power generation equipment.

Storage Battery Rental Plans
(1) Basic plan: initial cost ?0, monthly fee (excl. tax) ?4,900 (?5,145 incl. tax) (Notes 3, 4, and 6)
(2) Tokyo-only plan: initial cost ?0, monthly fee (excl. tax) ?2,900 (?3,045 incl. tax) (Notes 3, 4 and 5)
Storage Battery Rental Plan + Roof Rental Solar Power Generation Plan
ONE ENERGY will rent the roofs of detached houses owned by customers using this service for a set fee and install solar panels for generating solar power. Customers will be able to use this service for an effective cost of ?0 (Note 9) by combining the power bill savings from the introduction of this service (Note 7) and the rental income from the Roof Rental Solar Power Generation Plan (Note 8).

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, residential households in Japan have been increasingly conscious of saving power and reducing their power bills due to electricity price hikes. Furthermore, there has been a strong desire to popularize the use of storage batteries that can ensure electricity and maintain lifelines during an emergency as a disaster preparedness measure (Note 10).

Against this backdrop, this service will aid in creating a new lifestyle where electricity is stored efficiently and used wisely in residential households. For example, it will allow them to check electricity use with smartphones and guide them to achieve optimum electricity savings. At the same time, this service will play an important role as a source of electricity in emergencies.

Moreover, the full liberalization of electricity retailing in Japan (planned for 2016) approved by the cabinet in April 2013 is expected to herald an era in which households can choose their electricity supply source. In the future, demand for this service could conceivably rise further as the choices widen for ordinary households to purchase electricity.

Looking ahead, ONE ENERGY aims to solicit for sales agents such as home builders, home renovators, building contractors and cooperate with business partners including energy related companies, in order to promote the installation of storage batteries to make both new and existing detached houses in Japan "smarter." In this way, ONE ENERGY aims to provide this service to 10,000 households in the year ending March 2014 and to 100,000 households in the year ending March 2016.

This service should also contribute to the realization of a new energy society in which ordinary citizens play an integral role through the introduction of new ways of saving power under the smart city concept, which local governments nationwide are embracing.

ONE ENERGY will promote the creation of new world-class services centered on fixed lithium-ion storage batteries by investigating and implementing various partner business models fusing storage batteries and ICT and using so-called Big Data.

Overview of ONE ENERGY
2. Representative: Kazuo Kojima, President and Representative Director
3. Head Office: 14-23, Roppongi 7-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
4. Established: March 4, 2013
5. Capital: ?1.5 billion
6. URL: http://one.energy.orix.co.jp (In Japanese)
7. Shareholders: ORIX Corporation (70.2%), NEC Corporation (14.9%) and EPCO Incorporated (14.9%)
8. Business Activities: Trading and rental of storage batteries; provision of services related to visualization of customer electricity usage, electricity saving, energy conservation, saving of electricity bills, etc. and other energy usage.