Panasonic : High - Speed Visible Light Communication Technology Developed For Smartphones

Panasonic : High-speed Visible Light Communication Technology Developed for SmartphonesPanasonic Corp developed a visible light communication technology that uses a smartphone camera for reading and features a high data transmission rate of several kilobits per second.

The data transmission rate of conventional visible light communication technologies that use a smartphone camera is lower than 20 bits per second. The company will commercialize a device that transmits an ID from a light source in fiscal 2015.

As ID transmitters, Panasonic is considering lighting apparatuses, digital signage, signboards with a built-in light source, etc. For transmitting an ID, the brightness (contrast) of a power source is used. In the case of digital signage whose width is 1m, it is possible to receive an ID from a distance of about 5m.

A dedicated application software is installed in the smartphone used as an ID receiver. By reading an image taken with a smartphone camera after separating it into several blocks, it became possible to read data at a speed faster than the frame rate of the camera.

Panasonic plans to organize events where some customers can experience the new technology in cooperation with Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd and Isetan Shinjyuku.