Panasonic : Launch Of Malaysian University's First Ever Refurbished Green Office

Panasonic : Launch of Malaysian University's First Ever Refurbished Green OfficeThe University of Malaya launched the first ever green office for a Malaysian university powered by a suite of eco and energy solutions supported by Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd. In conjunction with the event witnessed by members of the media, an official signing ceremony for the Memorandum of Intent between University Malaya and Panasonic Malaysia was conducted.

Collaborating with University Malaya, the oldest and highest ranked universityin Malaysia, Panasonic plays the integral role as a recognized technology partner for the 'proof of concept' of an effective green office. For this office alone, strategically located in central Kuala Lumpur, Panasonic has designed and contributed the following products and solutions in supporting the eco research and development (academic R&D) activities of University Malaya:

The 4kWp high efficiency solar photovoltaic system (HIT) installed at the roof top of the building, capable of generating 6.2 MWh of energy per annum, which is equivalent to saving 3.9 Tons of CO2 or 200 mature trees per annum.
The first ever Panasonic Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system in Malaysia, a promising technology for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) management. This device ensures constant feed of fresh air to an indoor environment while preserving the cool air within the indoor area. To further support the IAQ solution, air purifiers with nanoeTM particles generation are provided as well to inhibit viruses and bacteria within an enclosed environment.
Other energy efficient products such as low wattage, long life and effective illumination LED light bulbs and low power consumption flat screen TV for energy monitoring and general content displays.
Practical environmental friendly furniture made from recycled wooden logistic pallets, in the form of tables, stools and storage cabinets.
Through Panasonic's partnership with University Malaya, the company hopes to spread the sustainability message to the population of over 21,000, students, lecturers, researchers, and visitors - be it local or international.

Progressively as research isbeing conducted in this green office, the useful data and findings by the university could serve as significant references for Panasonic to improve our products and consistently ensure these products are tailored to meet the various needs of the local market, towards embracing a green, sustainable living be it at work or at home.

"The University of Malaya hopes to roll out this Green Office concept to the rest of the campus in due time. Serious effort by the university is underway to move UM to sustainable campus status through myriad ground-up initiatives, coupled with top-down funding and policy changes. The future of UM can only be greener," said Professor Dato' Mohd Amin Jalaludin, Vice Chancellor of University Malaya.

The signing of the Memorandum of Intent, respectively represented by the Vice Chancellor of University Malaya, Professor Dato' Dr. Mohd Amin Jalaludin and Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia, Mr Yosuke Matsunaga signifies the eagerness and intention of both parties towards an innovative partnership which revolves around the common goal of developing a smart and sustainable future, not only to livein harmony with the global environment and society, but also to enhance the quality of life throughout the country.

"In collaboration with Malaysian customers and local partners, such as with University Malaya for today's symbolic event, we will develop a sustainable future for society by creating solutions and technologies to solve social and environmental problems and thus providing a better life, a better world throughout the nation,"said Mr Yosuke Matsunaga, Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia.