Panasonic Reduces Size Of Pv Generation/power Storage System

Panasonic Reduces Size of PV Generation/Power Storage SystemPanasonic Corp announced a new model of its "Creation/Storage Coordination System," which coordinates a solar power generation system and a lithium-ion (Li-ion) storage battery system, Feb 20, 2017.
This time, the company reduced the size of the product to 1/3 and improved installability. It will start to accept orders for the new product April 5, 2017.

Specifically, Panasonic will release "Power Station S" and "Lithium-ion Storage Battery Unit," whose prices (the manufacturer's suggested retail prices) are ¥650,000 (approx US$5,800) and 1,040,000, respectively.

One power conditioner is used for both (1) solar power generation and (2) DC-AC conversion control for the Li-ion battery. The storage battery is charged with direct-current (DC) solar electricity, eliminating the loss caused by DC-AC conversion, unlike a system that converts DC power into alternating-current (AC) power.

Also, at the time of remotely controlling output or during stand-alone operation (during a power failure), it is possible to efficiently store surplus electricity in the storage battery.

The Power Station S has a rated output of 2kW and enables to use a rice cooker or electric kettle during a power failure. The new product has a small size and is wall-mountable, making it possible to install the system in various places.

As standard features, all of the system's connectors can be connected without using special tools, and the system has wireless LAN capability, improving construction efficiency and making it easier to introduce the system in refurbished houses.

Furthermore, in view lof future remote control, the system has functions to work in conjunction with an HEMS (home energy management system) and connect to an external system via a network.