Panasonic Robot Climbs To Top Of 1,000 - Meter Cliff In Battery Trial

Panasonic robot climbs to top of 1,000-meter cliff in battery trial

Evolta Neo-kun, a small robot powered by two AA dry cell batteries, has succeeded in climbing a 1,000-meter-high sheer cliff in Norway, Panasonic Corp. said July 10.

It was the latest in the company's series of challenges held annually since 2008 to show off the staying power of its batteries.

The cliff in Lysefjord is known for its magnificent views. Panasonic’s iconic humanoid bot failed to achieve its goal July 7 after being hampered by severe rain and wind, and the robot's batteries ran out just before it reached the top.

But, undeterred, the following day the robot made it after climbing for 11 and a half hours.

The first challenge took place in 2008 when Evolta Neo-kun climbed a 530-meter sheer cliff in the Grand Canyon in the United States, about half as high as this year's mission.

Last year’s challenge ended in failure for the first time when a plane carrying one person failed to travel 10 kilometers in a bid to break a Guinness World Record.