Panasonic : Toughbook Tech Forums Provide Valuable Insights From Every Perspective

Panasonic : Toughbook Tech forums provide valuable insights from every perspectiveToughbook Tech Forums offer an opportunity for our customers and channel partners to participate in thought leadership around the benefits of rugged computing, explore the latest Toughbook product roadmap information and gain insight into where the latest industry technology trends are heading.

With tech forums already doing much to build stronger relationships with Toughbook consumers globally (US, Canada, EU, Asia and ITPBD Toughbook factory), this year Panasonic Australia began hosting our own Toughbook Tech Forums.

After launching in July 2014, we have now staged three tech forms; successfully bringing our valued end-user customers and channel partners together, along with key industry leaders and Toughbook factory representatives, for valuable information sharing sessions.

The people who buy and use our mobile computers are the ones who heavily influence product development decisions.

What is gained from a Toughbook Tech Forum?

For the customer and channel partner:

The forum provides a deeper understanding of our current rugged mobile computing solutions, as well as Toughbook’s future direction so that customers can begin planning in sync.
Opportunities to learn from existing customers presenting and sharing their Toughbook/Toughpad usage case studies.
Exclusive guest speaker presentations from key leaders at Intel, Microsoft and more.
Networking, relationship building and thought leadership development.
For Panasonic Australia and Toughbook factory:

The ability to communicate a deep understanding of our product, factory, and future plan information to an invested audience.
The invaluable opportunity to hear directly from customers about our current product and services and then reflect on their needs for future product and service development.
A chance for Toughbook factory representatives to gain a better understanding of our customer needs and market requirements.
Panasonic Toughbook used by Tasmanian Paramedics in extreme environments
Toughbook research and development activities are directly linked to customer needs; the people who buy and use our mobile computers are the ones who heavily influence product development decisions.

It’s through initiatives such as the Toughbook Tech Forums that we are able to build strong customer relationships, and manufacture strong mobile computers that meet the demands of our customer’s mission critical environments.