Panasonic Wigig 1gbps Wireless Sd Memory Card Concept

Panasonic WiGig 1Gbps Wireless SD Memory Card ConceptPanasonic is currently developing applications for the new WiGig gigabit wireless communications technology. In this concept demonstration, a communications module which supports WiGig is embedded on an SD memory card.

Although Panasonic is still in the process of prototyping the WiGig-enabled SD card, the company demonstrated how it will be possible to transmit videos, photos and other local data from a wireless controller such as a tablet, to the displays mounted in the passenger seats of a car. At gigabit speeds, it will be possible to wirelessly transfer a full DVD video in one minute.

The tablet can also connect with the car's computer, so the user can easily see relevant information such as battery capacity and tire pressure.

Panasonic's WiGig implementation uses the 60GHz spectrum to transmit data at gigabit speed, but it is limited to a range of 1-3 meters. Due to this limited range, it will not take over from the current Wifi standard, but Panasonic is coming up with a range of situations where it can be used effectively.

Panasonic also plans to design a directional antenna, which will allow radio waves to be transmitted from the SD card slot, to effectively transmit data wirelessly. It is aiming for the commercialization of WiGig SD cards for in-vehicle use in summer 2013.


VIDEO Panasonic WiGig 1Gbps Wireless SD Memory Card Concept