Pioneer Awe - Inspiring Rmx - 1000 Remix Station Now Available In Glossy Pearl White

Pioneer awe-inspiring RMX-1000 remix station now available in glossy pearl whitePioneer is giving DJs and producers another level of choice and versatility, with the release of its groundbreaking RMX-1000 remix station in a striking new colour: cool pearl white.


Launched in June 2012, the original RMX-1000 is already a must-have in the booth: a three-in-one system comprising editing software, innovative performance hardware, and a controller for the VST1and AU2 plug-ins. And now the RMX-1000 range offers even more flexibility, with the addition of Pro Tools RTAS3 to the choice of compatible plug-ins.
Both the pearl white and classic black RMX-1000s go beyond your standard effector. DJs can not only manipulate the input sound, but also produce new beats and sounds of their own, and trigger personalised samples on the fly. And the Quantize feature means live edits will always be snapped to time.
The RMX-1000 range puts studio effects at DJs’ fingertips, and the intuitive performance interface – taken from Pioneer’s flagship mixers and effectors ­– delivers results usually only possible in the studio.
Pioneer’s remixbox™ editing softwareallows DJs to completely customize the RMX-1000 to their own performance style and load it up with their own banks of samples. And, by saving their settings to an SD card4, DJs can effectively take their own personalised DJ rig with them wherever they perform.
Using the RMX-1000 units as USB controllers for the RMX-1000 VST, AU and RTAS plug-ins gives DJs the same hands-on experience back in the studio, putting the fun back into production.
The white RMX-1000-W will be available from November 2012 at a SRP of 599 GBP/699 EUR, including VAT.

Key features of the RMX-1000 range:

1. Club quality and fully customisable remix station
The ultimate multi-use unit, the RMX-1000s can be used with mixers, CDJs and laptops in the booth, or with a PC or laptop in the studio for set preparation, recording and producing. With fully customisable settings, the RMX-1000 range offers the kind of flexibility never before seen in hardware.

Designed exclusively for the RMX-1000 remixers, the remixbox software allows DJs to prepare mind-blowing sets – while the hardware leaves plenty of room for spontaneity on the night. DJs can use the software to modify the unit’s features and change its parameters for a truly personalized DJing experience. The hardware offers three ways to access settings: Default, User and SD Card.

2. User-friendly performance interface
The unit’s intuitive DJ controls are divided into four sections:
Scene FX
The Scene FX wheel allows DJs to combine ten types of effects to build tracks up (e.g. Noise, Echo and Spiral Up) and break them down (e.g. Crush Echo, Spiral Down and Reverb Down). The central knob moves from Wet to Dry to add pitch and intensity to the effect that’s in play. Plus, two sub-parameter dials allow DJs to manipulate the Time and Resonance parameters for even more character.

Isolator FX
Inherited from Pioneer’s high-end DJM-1000 mixer, the RMX-1000 units’ isolators allow DJs to change the main audio input’s rhythm and timbre using hi-, mid- and low-frequency bands. Plus, three effects are loaded into the dials for even more flexibility: Cut/Add, Trans/Roll and Gate/Drive.

X-Pad – with exclusive Pitch Control
Evolved from Pioneer’s flagship mixer, the DJM-900nexus, the touch-sensitive X-Pad reaches new levels of ingenuity. DJs can instantly get involved with the unit’s drum samples by tapping the individual sample buttons (Kick, Snare, Clap and Hi-Hat), or by using the X-Pad to roll (repeat) the samples at different speeds.
DJs can record their own beats and patterns on the fly with Overdub, then use Roll and Mute to manipulate each sample in a variety of combinations – while the Quantize button snaps each tap of the sample pads to the nearest beat. DJs can add up to sixteen samples across the four sample banks, which they can instantly trigger and manipulate during performance. And the Pitch knob alters the pitch to add even more individuality.

Release FX
The DJ’s get-out-of-jail-free card, the Release FX allows DJs to seamlessly exit complex effect combinations and return to the original track. Three modes with three customisable speeds – Spin Back, Echo and Break – allow DJs to choose exactly how they want to return to normal play. DJs can come partially out and go back in by manipulating the highly sensitive Release switch. Or they can cut the original track out completely so just the engaged effects are heard.

3. Controller for Virtual Studio Technology/Audio Units/RTAS
The RMX-1000 range brings the operability of hardware into the recording studio. By just plugging the unit into a laptop, DJs and producers can use the RMX-1000s’ to manipulate the VST/AU/RTAS’s exciting features. There’s no need to fiddle around with the mouse and keyboard: just hit a button, twist a dial, or turn a knob – the RMX-1000 literally puts every effect right at producers’ fingertips.

4. Other features
High-quality sound designreduces noise for clear and pristine sound.
NEW Auto BPM function automatically measures and follows the tempo of the music.
USB-MIDI connection means the RMX-1000 range can be used as MIDI controllers.
Compact and sleek design makes the RMX-1000s highly portable – and they look good as part of any DJ set-up.


RCA pin jack x 1?
Phono jack (?6.3 mm) x 1
RCA pin jack x 1?
Phono jack (?6.3 mm) x 1
Other ports
USB?B port x 1
Sampling rate
48 kHz
A/D and D/A converter
24 bit
Frequency response
20 Hz – 20 kHz
Total harmonic distortion
Max. 0.005%
S/N ratio
102 dB
Head room
remixboxTM, RMX-1000Plugin
External dimensions
334 mm (W) x 157 mm (D) x 57 mm (H)
1.3 kg


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