Pioneer Professional Dj Mixers Benefit From A New Firmware Version 1.10

VIDEO : Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus Slip TutorialThis new firmware version 1.10 is targeted at the CDJ-2000 Nexus and Nexus Platinum Edition Professional DJ Mixers, and brings a bunch of fixes. The package contains a “C2KNXS.UPD” file that is used in the update process.


If the 1.10 version is installed, the Audio dropout on the slave deck is corrected when using SYNC, and the tiny loop issue that would sometimes enable when pressing LOOP OUT button is fixed as well.

Also, it resolves the sudden shift between Master and Slave Players while using Slip Scratch or Slip Pause during SYNC, and adds a caution message for TEMPO SLIDER while running SYNC, as well as a green icon for indicating harmonic mixing while browsing tracks.

In order to install the package, on an empty USB device copy the “C2KNXS.UPD” file, power on the DJ Player and hold the “USB” and “Reloop/Exit” buttons until the logo screen disappears. At the next dialog message insert the USB and the process is started just like that.


VIDEO Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus Slip Tutorial