Pioneer Space - Saving Flat Amplified Subwoofer (200w) Ts - Wx710a Overview

Pioneer Space-Saving Flat Amplified Subwoofer (200W) TS-WX710AThis ultra-flat amplified sub (just 9 cm high) will give you rich bass, without invading and taking over the boot of your car.


The tough polyurethane skin is anti-slip and anti-scratch, allowing luggage to be placed on top of the subwoofer without damaging it.
The TS-WX710A has a perfect internal design, maximising the performance of the two 16cm subwoofers inside. With our MOSFET 200W amplifier (known to be small in size but powerful in output) and ‘symmetrical back-loaded horn structure’, the result is a highly efficient system for reproducing bass sound. You’ll hear a rich, vivid and speedy bass; a sound unexpected from such a flat sub.
There's a safety mounting kit included, for easy installation.