Playstation Classic Hacked To Run Games From A Usb

PlayStation Classic Hacked To Run Games From A USB

Feel that the Sony PlayStation Classic could have shipped with better games? Well, some notable console hackers have got your back. They have figured out how to hack this miniature console to run games off of a USB drive. This means that it will be possible to load games on the PlayStation Classic that are not originally included with it.

Some well-regarded members of the console hacking community have figured out how to hack the PlayStation Classic in order to run games from a USB drive, reports Ars Technica. They have been detailing the process of how it’s first necessary to dump the system’s code on an external machine. They discovered that the key to decrypt some of the confidential software elements has been hidden by Sony on the console itself.

This allowed them to decrypt those software elements and essentially transform the PlayStation Classic into an emulator. They were able to get Crash Bandicoot running on the console through a USB drive largely because the PlayStation Classic doesn’t seem to check the software that it’s running.

An open source tool has already been created so that PlayStation Classic owners can perform the procedure much easier at home. Users will be required to play around with some things to make this happen but it’s all doable. However, one should keep in mind that should anything go wrong, there’s a chance of bricking the device.

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