Pokemon For The Nintendo Switch Could Have Dlcs

Pokemon For The Nintendo Switch Could Have DLCs

By now Pokemon fans and Nintendo Switch gamers are probably aware that a standalone Pokemon RPG is in the works for the console. Prior to this the closest thing to a Pokemon game on the Switch was Pokken Tournament, but the launch of the RPG will definitely shake things up as for the most part, Pokemon RPGs have typically been exclusive to Nintendo's handheld consoles.

Details of the game are a bit scarce at the moment, but according to a job listing by The Pokemon Company (via Game Rant), it seems to have hinted that the upcoming Pokemon game for the Switch could eventually get DLCs. Given that DLCs are a common way for developers/publishers to extend the life of their game and also earn more money, this revelation doesn't really come as a surprise.

Plus we’ve also seen Nintendo release DLCs for games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so DLCs for Pokemon would almost be expected. However like we said, the scarcity of information surrounding the game means that any little bit of information is welcome. DLCs will also help change the way the Pokemon franchise is approached, where in the past, Pokemon games are typically one-off releases (save for Pokemon Sun and Moon’s global challenges).

At this point in time there is no telling when the game will be released. An earlier report has suggested that Nintendo could be looking to launch the game in 2018, but nothing official has been confirmed yet.

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