Pokémon Quest Now Available For The Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Quest Now Available For The Nintendo Switch

Earlier it was confirmed that the Nintendo Switch would be getting two new Pokemon games later this year where they are expected to be released in November. It was also confirmed that a core Pokemon RPG would be launching in 2019, but what about gamers who want to play Pokemon now?

The good news is that you won't have to wait until November because Nintendo has announced a new Pokemon game for the Switch called Pokemon Quest. According to the description of the game, "Venture into Tumblecube Island with your Pokémon buddies in the new Pokémon Quest game! Pokémon Quest is a free-to-start action-adventure Pokémon entry for Nintendo Switch with a fun, cube-shaped art style. Take your Pokémon team on expeditions in search of treasure, battle bosses, and strengthen your Pokémon with Power Stones to build the ultimate expedition team!"

The game will allow gamers to build up a party comprising of various Pokemon and explore the rest of the game’s world, which has been pointed out is a bit reminiscent of Minecraft. Gamers will also be able to decorate and customize their headquarters area, and as you might have noted, the game is "free to start".

It is unclear as to what kind of in-app purchases we might be able to expect, but the game is also slated for a release on mobile late June so perhaps we’ll learn more then. In the meantime Switch gamers will be able to check it out via the Nintendo eShop today.

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