Possible Second Mega Man Legacy Collection In The Works

Possible Second Mega Man Legacy Collection In The Works

In an industry which is constantly pushing the boundaries of gameplay and graphics, we're sure that there are quite a few gamers who might be worried about some of their favorite classic titles from back in the day disappearing into oblivion. However the good news for Mega Man fans is that Capcom could be looking to preserve the collection.

Back in 2015 we saw the publisher launch the Mega Man Legacy Collection which basically collected Mega Man 1-6. Now according to a report from Gematsu, it seems that a second Mega Man Legacy Collection could be in the works, thanks to a sighting at the Korean Game Ratings Board.

The board has suggested that Capcom could be applying for what is known as the "Rockman Legacy Collection 2", which for those unfamiliar is another name for Mega Man depending on which country you’re from. The listing suggests that it would collect Mega Man titles from 7-10, and it will be available for the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC.

Capcom has yet to officially confirm the new collection, but the listing on the ratings board certainly suggests that it could come eventually. Not to mention it makes sense following the release of the first legacy collection, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled and hopefully Capcom will have more details to share soon or maybe at E3 2017.

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