Ps4 Remote Play Finally Arrives On Ios Devices

PS4 Remote Play Finally Arrives On iOS Devices

If you’re an iOS user who also owns a Sony PS4, you might be interested to learn that in a recent update to Sony’s PS4 console, the company has finally introduced support for the PS4 Remote Play feature for iOS devices. This is something that many gamers have been asking for over the years, and now it has finally happened.

All users need to do is ensure that they have the latest firmware to their consoles and the app downloaded on their phone, which can be found in the iOS App Store, and then ensure that their PS4 and mobile devices are synced up and they should be good to go. For those who are unfamiliar with Remote Play, this is basically where players can stream games from their PS4 console onto other devices.

Previously gamers could only stream onto their computers and also select Sony Xperia handsets, but the expansion to iOS devices means that if you own an iPhone or an iPad, you should be able to stream games from your console remotely. In a way this is a form of game streaming, with the main difference being that your PS4, not some computer in a data center, is powering the game.

Also with iOS devices, you won’t be able to pair a DualShock controller so there’s that as well, but we suppose gamers can find an alternative or workaround if necessary.

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