Ranking And Sorting Bell Peppers At High - Speed

Ranking and Sorting Bell Peppers at High-speedThe high-speed ranking and sorting system for bell peppers developed by Ishida uses X-rays to accurately measure weight and sort into ranks.

"The X-ray inspection equipment is used to measure bell peppers. It's kind of like a medical X-ray procedure. In the case of bell peppers, the thickness of the flesh varies with season and the type of pepper.

Cameras are usually used to photograph the peppers to estimate their weight. Using X-rays allows examination of a transparent image, so the flesh thickness can be detected. From that we can estimate mass and calculate its weight in gram."

After measurement by the X-ray inspection equipment, the peppers are ranked using a sorter. The unit can measure 200-250 peppers per minute.

"We photograph the X-ray image. We then estimate the weight using the density of the image to make very accurate measurements. The biggest advantage of using X-rays is the ability to accurately weigh bell peppers, despite being hollow and having varying flesh thickness."

Ishida plans to make a formal product announcement toward the end of this year.


VIDEO Ranking and Sorting Bell Peppers at High-speed