Recover Your Printing Costs More Easily With Sharp's Job Accounting Ii Software

Recover Your Printing Costs More Easily With Sharp's Job Accounting II SoftwareSharp today unveils the launch of its MX-SW310 Job Accounting II solution, which lets businesses monitor, page by page, how their Sharp MFPs are being used, to improve budget planning, internal accounting and cost recovery. The software is compatible with all Sharp OSA 3.0 (or above) enabled MFPs.

Peter Plested, European Solutions Director of Sharp Europe says: “We understand that many businesses struggle to measure and control the true cost of creating documents. Our new software is designed to optimise efficiency by helping businesses gain greater visibility over document workflows and, where possible, recover their print and scan costs.”
“Job Accounting II lets businesses produce detailed document management reports to help measure if they are achieving their environmental, commercial and operational objectives too.”
The core version of Job Accounting II (MX-SW310) allows businesses to track, record and analyse their employees MFP use. Businesses can gain full control of their document costs by controlling access to copier and scanner settings, usage limits and credit controls and by personalising an individual’s access permissions for specific functions.
In addition to the core version, Sharp is also offering two optional modules to the software, MX-SW311 and MX-SW312, which offer businesses additional features such as secure print release functionality and the capability to charge their clients directly from their Sharp MFPs.
The MX-SW311 option is designed for businesses with sensitive data and offers ‘pull printing’ where users retrieve their documents from any Sharp MFP on the secure network, when they are at the machine. This means that users are able to select when and where they wish their documents to be printed and sensitive documents do not sit vulnerably on printer out-trays until they are collected.
The MX-SW312 option is designed for businesses who want to charge their business clients directly for jobs from their Sharp MFPs. The operator has an easy and direct way to charge individual jobs to specific clients, cost centres or client project codes and can switch between personal and client billable jobs. Reports and invoices can even be specifically issued to the client or used for internal accounting purposes.
Peter Plested adds: “Businesses will really benefit from increased awareness surrounding the volume and cost of document creation. The capability to directly account for the volume of jobs created per client will be a big relief to many businesses that may have seen their costs spiral as they struggle to keep track of multiple clients and MFPs.”
March 2015.