Ricoh Continues To Tease Pentax Full - Frame Dslr With New Image

Ricoh continues to tease Pentax full-frame DSLR with new imageRicoh's string of teaser coverage for its upcoming full-frame Pentax DSLR continues today with a new image and a press release - but nothing in the way of concrete information.
Back in February, Ricoh announced plans to develop a Pentax full-frame DSLR (not the same one that was announced in 2001). Per the original announcement, Ricoh was aiming for an end-of-year release, but by September it had updated the launch date to Spring 2016.

Ricoh's new statement offers precisely no information about the forthcoming 'SRL' camera (we have to assume this is a typo), but does go into some detail about Pentax's corporate history, and comes with a new picture (shown above). The continuing lack of any specification details is a shame, because judging by our quick look at a prototype camera on display at the Photo Plus Expo in New York, it seems that the new camera might offer some interesting features.

For now though, we can only speculate. Needless to say, we'll continue to bring you news about the forthcoming Pentax full-frame DSLR as and when we receive it. What might 'SRL' stand for? Leave suggestions in the comments.