Robot To Replace Humans For Room Service At Shinagawa Hotel

Robot to replace humans for room service at Shinagawa hotel

It might look like a trash can, but it's here to deliver snacks and toiletries rather than take away garbage.

Relay, a room service robot, will be installed by Prince Hotels Inc. at Shinagawa Prince Hotel's N Tower in Tokyo on Oct. 2.

When hotel staff receive a request from a guest, they place items inside Relay and enter the room number.

The robot buzzes off to the elevator by itself, gently finding its way around objects in its path. Upon arrival at the room, it calls the phone in the guest room and delivers the requested items.

Relay, shown to reporters on Sept. 14, is around 90 cm in height and can carry a maximum load of 4.5 kg. It was created by a U.S. start-up based in Silicon Valley in California.

The robot will be introduced to allow hotel employees to focus on the kinds of things that require a brain.

Prince Hotels is considering installing the robot at more of its facilities in Japan.