Seagate Unveils Officially Licensed Playstation External Hard Drive

Seagate Unveils Officially Licensed PlayStation External Hard Drive

Sony’s PS4 console supports users attaching external hard drives to it where they can save some of their files onto, especially given that the storage in the PS4 is fixed and there doesn’t seem like there is an easy way to upgrade it short of buying a new console with a larger storage, which actually doesn’t make a lot of sense.

However if you’ve always found that most external drives tend to look kind of ugly and out of place with the PS4, Seagate’s got your back. The company has recently announced the Seagate Game Drive which is an officially licensed hard drive for the PS4. For the most part it is very much an external hard drive, save for the fact that it has been colored and given a PlayStation logo to help it better blend in with the console.

According to Seagate, “Our new Game Drive for PS4 has been rigorously tested and is optimized for PS4 systems. It features a small sleek design and branding that pairs well with your PS4. Most of all, the large increase in storage capacity lets you hang on to your favorite older titles and add-ons while still leaving room for new games.”

The Seagate Game Drive will offer up an extra 2TB of storage that should allow for an estimated 50 games. It offers fast speeds which Seagate claims will make it feel like you’re playing on the PS4’s internal drive, and that it should work with pretty much every PS4 model released to date as long as it runs version 4.50 or higher. It is priced at $90 and will be available for purchase starting next week.

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