Sega Maimai Rhythm Game With A New Design And Concept

Sega maimai Rhythm Game With A New Design And ConceptSega has developed a new rhythm game, called maimai, which features a round front facing display and breaks the mold in terms of the design and concept of rhythm games.

"This game is very simple to play. You only need two actions, pressing the eight buttons around the main screen, and scrolling across the middle part of the screen, which is a touchscreen."

There's a camera near the top on the side of the console, which can record the player and the screen at the same time, and Sega plans to add the ability to upload videos to Japanese video site NicoNico Douga.

"According to our analysis, current rhythm games in game centers are mostly the kind where you play by yourself and have to concentrate hard, and what you're doing is relatively hidden. So we think it might be more fun to make playing more conspicuous, and show other people what you're doing. By using a vertical monitor, and showing not just players, but also a gallery on the upper screen, and by providing a camera as well, we've developed this concept of a game where you can say to everyone, "Look at me!"

With the combination of the round design, front facing display and bright, flashing LEDs, Sega expect it to gain a lot of attention in game arcades.

"On the internet people have likened the design to that of a washing machine in a laundromat, and we think that is pretty funny, but we didn't even consider that when we were working on it. We were thinking about how to make it possible for people to move their body while playing, so we made the main monitor round, and we also put a gallery on the upper display where it's easy for everyone to see. So with these features in mind that is why we chose this design."

In Japan, this game will be available in July. Sega subsequently plans to release it overseas as well.


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