Sekisui Chemical's Signage System Displays Info On Transparent Glass

Sekisui Chemical's Signage System Displays Info on Transparent Glass

Sekisui Chemical Co Ltd showed a signage system that uses the "light-emitting interlayer," which is an interlayer for glass and enables to project characters, figures, etc.

The system was exhibited at the 2nd High-performance Building Material Expo, which took place from Dec 13 to 15, 2017, at Tokyo Big Sight.

The light-emitting interlayer is an interlayer material that is used for glass and contains a light-emitting material. By applying a special laser light to the material, it becomes possible to display information.

This time, Sekisui Chemical exhibited two kinds of systems. One was made by sandwiching the light-emitting interlayer between two glass plates. The other was made by attaching the light-emitting interlayer and a glass plate to another glass plate. They can display only three colors (red, blue and green, one at a time).

Unlike a projector that directly projects video, the system projects video by using wavelength conversion, enabling to install a laser light source in various places.

In the past, Sekisui Chemical exhibited a prototype applied to car windows (See related article). This time, the company showed a digital signage system using a glass window of a building and a prototype that looks like the showcase of a retail store.

Sekisui Chemical plans to commercialize the light-emitting interlayer for glass in 2018.

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