Sharp All New Aquos Mini Gives An Inferiority Complex To It's Contemporaries

Sharp all new Aquos Mini gives an inferiority complex to it's contemporariesSharp outdid its contemporaries a couple of years ago when it came out with the Aquos Crystal, a device without almost almost any bezels on three sides. The Japanese company is back with a smaller version: the Aquos Mini SH-M03. It measures 126 x 66 x 9mm in dimensions, and has a 4.7-inch display.

The Aquos Mini also uses Sharp’s very own IGZO display technology, with a 1080p resolution geared up to a refresh rate of 120Hz, giving a smooth 60fps. Which means that your Android Marshmallow will look stunning on this display.

The Aquos Mini is features a Snapdragon 808 processor along with 3GB of RAM, 16GB of built-in storage — expandable, thankfully. It has a good 2,810mAh battery unlikely to run out of juice, and a 13MP camera on the rear with optical image stabilization, capable of shooting video in 720p at 120fps.

Since the top bezel can’t accommodate a front-facing camera, it’s been shifted to the bottom and has a 5MP resolution.

The sides of the Aquos Mini features pressure-sensitive sides, which means that users can squeeze the device to confirm basic actions. It may not seem as functional, but it’s an alternative way to offer one-handed operation.