Sharp Aquos Tv Used For Checking Elderly's Well - Being

Sharp Aquos TV Used for Checking Elderly's Well-beingKitamoto City (Saitama Prefecture, Japan) and Sharp Corp will start to test what it claims is the industry's first service that checks elderly person's well-being by using an "Aquos" LCD TV July 1, 2012.

The new service was co-developed by the city and Sharp based on the "Mimamori Service," which Sharp provides for Aquos users. The Mimamori Service automatically transmits the information about TV usage (power-on and power-off) to a specified e-mail address. It was launched in March 2011.

In the test, Aquos TVs are set at the homes of elderly people living in Kitamoto City, and the information about operations such as turning on/off the TV, changing channels, etc is sent to personal computers owned by the city, resident's association, etc via the Internet. By comparing this information and the hours when the elderly people operate their TVs, their lives will be cared about.

When the TV is turned on, it automatically gets connected to a bulletin board of the resident's association and shows regional information. Also, it is possible to report their physical condition by choosing from "good," "normal" and "not very good."

Through the test, Kitamoto City plans to check the positive effects and problems of the system and work on establishing measures to check elderly people's well-being. The test will be conducted with 20 households until Sept 30, 2012.