Sharp Cuts Size Of Storage Battery System

Sharp Cuts Size of Storage Battery System

Sharp Corp reduced the size of its storage battery system by about 54% and will release it June 1, 2017.

It is a storage battery system for indoor use and can be connected to a cloud server. The manufacturer's suggested retail price of the system (a lithium-ion battery and a PV inverter) is ¥2,280,000 (approx US$20,875, excluding tax).

The battery unit measures 520 (W) x 263 (D) x 500mm (H) and weighs about 69kg. Its capacity is 6.5kWh, which is about 35% higher than that of the previous model.

The PV inverter is a hybrid type and also used for solar panels. Its rated input voltage (solar cell) is DC270V. Its rated output is 4.2kW at the time of linkage operation and 1.5kW at the time of stand-alone operation.