Sharp Focuses Only On Tablets

Sharp MebiusSharp will cease production of laptop and desktop computers , which are available in Japan , and will instead focus on Galapagos tablets and e-book readers.

It seems the Mebius laptop line, on the other hand, is probably not much longer for this world.

There’s still no word on when the Galapagos tablets will be available world-wide.
They’re expected to launch in Japan in December.
They’ll come in two varieties, a 5.5 inch version with a 1024 x 600 pixel display and a 10.8 inch model with a 1366 x 800 pixel screen.
Both will run Google Android and have WiFi capabilities, so while Sharp is marketing them as eBook Readers, they should also be able to surf the web and run at least some third party apps.

It’s also not clear how Sharp’s announcement will affect its other portable products such as the 5 inch Android powered Sharp IS01 mobile internet device, or the Sharp Netwalker.