Sharp Galapagos Comes On 11 Dec

Sharp Galapagos comes on 11 Dec Sharp announced their plan to release their Galapagos Tablet and Service in two weeks, Friday 10th December.

Two models will be available with the 5.5” one, available in RED (EB-W51GJ-R) or SILVER (EB-W51GJ-S) and sold at 39,800 Yen as well as the 10.8” (EB-WX1GJ-B) sold at 54,800 Yen.


Both comes with Wifi B/G, has a Web browser, MicroSD port, a modified version of Google Android OS, support of basic SNS services including Mixi, Twitter… Comes with a selection of games and access to a huge library of e-Books (Around 20,000).

The EB-W51GJ series, the 5.5” weight 220g for a total size of 92x167x12.9mm and has a resolution of 1024×600, while the 10.8” one, the EB-WX1GJ-B weight 765g with a size of 177x286x14.7mm with a resolution of 1366×800.

Sharp’s biggest competitors will be Apple, whose iPad was introduced in Japan four months ago, and Sony, which plans to launch its own e-book service before the end of the year, and has recently launched new versions of its three e-book readers.

Sharp plans to sell 1 million units of the tablet, and is currently speaking to Verizon in the United States about a possible overseas launch.

Sharp e-bookstore which will feature an “Automatic Scheduled Delivery Service” for periodicals as well as delivery of free trial versions of recommended content.

The e-bookstore will feature some 30,000 books at launch, while Sharp plans to expand content to movies, music and games next year.