Sharp Releases Movable Solar - Powered Charging Stand

Sharp Releases Movable Solar-powered Charging Stand

Sharp Corp released a movable solar-powered charging stand that uses the company's "Blacksolar" high-efficiency solar panel and can charge smartphones, mobile phones, etc Dec 6, 2017.

The charging stand can charge devices at the time of disaster and can be easily set up at sightseeing spots, event sites, commercial facilities and so forth. The manufacturer's suggested retail price of the stand is ¥980,000 (approx US$8,673, excluding tax). It is made to order, and Sharp aims to sell 1,000 units per year.

The charging stand is equipped with one unit of the Blacksolar solar panel (nominal maximum output: 150W or higher) and three units of a 12V-38Ah rechargeable battery. And it can be used even when the amount of solar irradiation is low and during nighttime hours.

When fully charged, it can charge 120 mobile devices including smartphones and mobile phones. It can charge up to four devices at the same time via USB ports. It does not come with a cable.

On the back of the main unit of the charging stand, a poster with a size of up to "A1" can be attached for showing facility guidance, event information, map, menu, etc. Equipped with castors, it can be freely moved to, for example, a sunny place depending on the season, time slot, etc. And it can be brought to an event that takes place for only a limited period of time. It has a built-in LED lamp that is automatically turned on at night.