Sharp’s New Wearable Lcd Utilizes 1,000 Times Less Power Than Normal Mobile Displays

Sharp’s New Wearable LCD Utilizes 1,000 Times Less Power than Normal Mobile DisplaysAccording to Nikkei, Sharp is developing a “color memory LCD panel” that’s to be embedded into wearables and will dramatically lower power consumption.

So smartwatches and smart bands of the future will be able to offer a longer battery life than what’s being offered on the market today.

For the moment, Sharp only has a prototype that it is working with. It’s of the 1-inch variety and utilizes 1,000 times less power than any conventional LCD in mobile devices.

According to a Sharp official, the panel is headed for mass production starting next spring in Japan. These panels function so efficiently because they are devoid of a backlight, plus they use semiconductor memory.

The backlight is replaced by ambient light and reflector layers inside pixels that can illuminate what lives on the display.

This system might have its disadvantages – for example, it can’t be used in extremely low-light situation, but chances are you won’t be working out in complete darkness.

However, the display will be readable in direct sunlight during the day when you’re probably most likely to go for a run.

The second feature supporting power-efficiency are the memory chips embedded in the panel which can store images, cutting down the chunks of power needed for data transfer.

Sharp utilizes LCD technology and LTPS (low-temperature poly silicon) for their latest color LCD. The screen supports up to eight colors and is very-low on power sipping.